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Employee Health and Safety
We, at KISWOK INDUSTRIES are committed to ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH & SAFETY for all of our employees, contractors, visitors and those affected by the actions and activities of KISWOK Industries; by continuously improving our processes through effective application and review of the Environmental, Occupational, Health and Safety Management System by:
  • Managing environmental, health & safety matters as legal parts of the business; that is to comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, which is also a prime corporate responsibility.

  • Striving hard towards conservation of natural resources and ensuring their responsible and efficient use.

  • Providing appropriate training to the employees to enhance their awareness on enviormental aspects and commitment to environmental protection by adhering to suitable methods and operational control procedures.

  • Commitment to environmental protection, prevention of injury and III - health and continual improvement in environmental, occupational health and safety (EH&S) management and performance.

  • Being a responsible employer in ensuring and providing all necessary resources required for environmental, health and safety of the employees, contractors and visitors.

  • Providing a framework for setting up and reviewing environmental, health and safety objectives & targets, developing environmental, health & safety programs & initiating action towards continual improvement.

  • Providing and maintaining safe working environments and conditions; ensuring plants, machineries, equipments, processes are being provided with safe operational methods & control; and are subjected to routine and statutory inspections and examinations.

  • Ensuring all employees play an active part and abide by the environmental, health and safety policies of the company. This can be achieved when they are being provided with adequate information, instructions, training & supervision that help them to understand their role within the organization.

  • Being committed to communicate the environmental, health and safety policies to all those who are working for or on behalf of our organization.

Employees are required to co-operate with KISWOK INDUSTRIES to not only enhance their personal safety, but to also ensure they are not prosecuted for breach of legislation nor have disciplinary actions taken against them by the company for the breach of company rules. The company will communicate the environmental, health and safety policies to all employees and they will be freely available to customers and the general public on the website www.kiswok.com and the management representatives of the organization. The policies and objectives will be reviewed annually and updated as required to conform to current legislation .The policies; supported by instructions, procedures and organizational arrangements ; are to be applied to all activities carried out by the company . All Directors, Managers’ Supervisors and Technicians will always comply with the above policies.